One size fits most: Our silk durags with long tails for men and women are generously sized and use a one size fits most design that provides the perfect fit for most people. You can even double wrap them to produce perfect compression. They are beautiful looking rags, but after testing them I found that they have sub par compression capabilities. If you are a lover of hairstyles like Waves, Cornrows, silk durag Deadlocks then it doubles the benefits for you. Before all I would like to clarify that we are not against washing machine. If you are planning to go to a party and there are chances your hairstyle might mess up when you are on your way because of wind or other factors. You can wear a durag to maintain and preserve your hairstyle and lock in moisture. It locks the moisture in your hair and don’t let them dry fastly.

Washing the article yourself can save money on dry cleaning and may be just as effective as a professional. There are the most chances of hair fall when they get dry. But here is the point, even it hey are different from one another, we should wash them in the same way using the technique of hand washing and doing it regularly. Doing this will ensure that the hem of the durag does not leave an imprint on your hair while you sleep on it overnight. Should you sleep with a durag? It is better you use detergent than a soap to avoid more wrinkles on the durag and also to save the durability of the durag. A durag needs a soft care if you want it last in durability and in quality, and also to keep its original color. Design and color are the key features that make any fashion accessory appealing. 2. Make sure the front edge sits right between your eyebrows and hairline. Step2- Make sure tie it in front of a mirror.

First of all, always make sure that you always inform about the instructions labeled in the durag. Royal wave durag is the last on our list of the different types of durags, but that doesn’t make it less good. Velvet durags are good for curling, waving or other hair styling. It is not only a fashion or hair styling accessory but also having many benefits. People having deadlocks or waves in hair often recommended to wear it. It may not be able to get popular as a fashion accessory if it is not having any benefit. Hair can get dull when it is exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. It keeps your hair moisturized for a long time. Moreover, it blocks the sunlight which keeps the environment inside cooler and more comfortable. Moreover, it gets pretty hot in the summer, which makes it hard to wear outside. It is a head wear and keeps your head cover all the time. The size of the rag is large enough to cover the entire head.

The color options are not plenty but enough to choose from. Silk Durags are manufactured from a sewn silk fabric. The characteristics of a silk Durag is shiny, silky durag for waves smooth and lighter. They are also smooth and i cool in appearance. Did you ever felt that irritation from sweat while you are working out. Gently squeeze out the excess water when rinsed. The things made by polyester material can dye well as they do not fade out their color soon. It is comfortable as well as fits most of the head sizes of men. Getting 720 waves can be a lifelong dream for men. Can you get waves by just brushing? It keeps them at their place and don’t let them to get tangled between each other. It keeps their deadlocks friction free and frizz free. It comes in a free size so that you can adjust it to your convenience. Here is a brand named Roybens, offering a fantastic package containing three durags with a free wave cap.

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